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About us


This is my dad. He bought me my first set of clubs when I was seven years old and taught me how to play the game of golf. At 88 years old he can still swing a club, but these days it’s mostly aimed at the dandelions growing in his yard. 

My dad not only taught me how to play golf, but he sprinkled in some good life lessons too. He taught me the importance of a good laugh, especially when it's aimed at yourself, even on the golf course (especially on the golf course). He also taught me to accept who I am and be myself. My dad has Duffer style.

I created Duffer Golf for guys like my dad, guys who appreciate a good laugh, even if it’s about the state of their golf game. Guys who are comfortable in their own skin, whatever that might be.

I hope you hit 'em long and straight, but more importantly, I hope they help lighten things up on the course for you so you can swing with confidence, laugh a lot and have fun!

Embrace the Duffer life! Be you.

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